Sons of the American Revolution

Colonel William Grayson Chapter of the Virginia Society

Speakers Bureau

The following individuals are available to make certain presentations to community groups, at schools, civic organizations or other interested groups in the area.


Paul Chase
  • Liberty Sprig-What is it, what does it mean?
  • Revolutionary War Prisoners of War
  • Betrayal by Benedict Arnold
  • Major General “Mad” Anthony Wayne
  • Ethan Allen
  • The Joshua Huddy Affair
  • Israel Putnam

Bill Collier
  • Arlington National Cemetery; Window to American History

Mike Weyler
  • Finding and proving your Rev War Ancestor (Genealogy for NSSAR)
  • Operation Ancestor Search for Veterans

Ross Schwalm
  • I am an American, Yes I am!
  • Armies of Foreign Mercenaries - Dispelling this Myth for 45 Years

Barry Schwoerer
  • Finding and proving your Rev War Ancestor (Genealogy of NSSAR)
  • Revolutionary War Taxes as proof of Rev War Patriotic Service
  • John Townsend, NH Militia Soldier and Patriot at Ticonderoga (reenactment in uniform)
  • Savador Carriaga, Spanish Colonial Soldier and Patriot at Presidio San Diego (reenactment in uniform)
  • NSSAR-Who are we, what do we do?
  • Colonel William Grayson Prince William County, VA; Statesman, Soldier, Patriot, Senator
  • Operation Ancestor Search for Veterans

George “Hork” Dimon
  • Berlin Blockade of 1962 (not 1948)

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