Sons of the American Revolution

Colonel William Grayson Chapter of the Virginia Society

Joining the Sons of the American Revolution

We're always looking for new compatriots to join us on our mission to preserve the legacy of the American Revolution.

Why Join?

The Sons of the American Revolution is a dynamic organization where you can really make an impact in your community. Some of our activities include:

Who can Join?

Membership in the Sons of the American Revolution is open to males of good character whom are the lineal descendant of a Revolutionary War soldier, sailor or Patriot. This includes persons who not only fought in the military or militia, but who also may have provided supplies, medical aid, signed oaths of Faith and Fidelity and similar acts.

How to Join

Joining the SAR is an enlightening and educational process.

  1. First, review the membership process at the official Sons of the American Revolution website. This website contains useful info including exact membership requirements and resources to conduct genealogical research.
  2. Fill out the SAR worksheet and submit it to George Thomas, our Chapter's Registrar (George can be reached via email at
  3. Make copies of all documentation pertinent to establishing ancestry back to the American Revolution. Our Registrar will advise you as to what sort of documentation is needed.
  4. Now you just need to sign your official application and your application is off to the Virginia Society and National Headquaters for verification.
  5. And in just a few weeks you'll receive notification of your application review.