Sons of the American Revolution

Colonel William Grayson Chapter of the Virginia Society


There are several committees in the Chapter that work on key mission areas and important functions. Every member is encouraged to join at least one committee and actively contribute and participate toward optimizing the committee's impact. Members should contact the committee chairman to indicate their interest to join the committee. If you have an interest in being a committee Chairman contact the Chapter President.

Awards Committee

Chairman:   Dave Button,   email:

The Awards Committee is responsible for the development and execution of the Chapter’s Awards Program. They shall recommend honorees for both intra-SAR service, achievement and appreciation and awards for deserving non-NSSAR persons in fields such as Scouting, proper display of the U.S. Flag, education, public safety (i.e. Police, EMT, Fire fighting and prevention, other 1st responders), military service & achievement, writing, and similar fields relating to the objectives of NSSAR.

Eagle Scout Recognition Program

Chairman:   Timothy T. Cline,   email:

ROTC/JROTC/Sea Cadet Program

Chairman:   John Callaway,   email:

Public Safety and Heroism Program

Chairman:   Bill Collier,   email:

Teacher of the Year Program

Chairman:   Vacant

Military Awards

Chairman:   George Ax,   email:

Joseph S. Rumbaugh Historical Oration Contest

Chairman:   Vacant

George S. & Stella M. Knight Essay Contest

Chairman:   Gary Roseman,   email:

Virginia History Day

Chairman:   Keith Rouleau,   email:

Poster/Brochure Contests

Chairman:   Vacant

Americanism Committee

Chairman:   George Ax,   email:

Color Guard

Commander:   Andrew Mills,   email:

Many members enjoy wearing the uniforms of their Patriot Ancestor(s) to parades, public events, NSSAR meetings, Naturalization Ceremonies, grave dedications, school programs and more. Uniforms worn by our members reflect the many types of uniforms worn by Revolutionary War soldiers. Some members wear Continental Army uniforms, others wear the “uniform” or clothing of Militia soldiers. Some members demonstrate the Brown Bess flint-lock muzzle loading musket used by Revolutionary War soldiers.

Flag Recognition Committee

Chairman:   Dave Button,   email:

Graves RegistrationCommittee

Chairman:   Keith Rouleau,   email:

This committee is responsible for the identification, documentation, and registration for publication by the NSSAR of any grave of a Revolutionary War Patriot

Property Management Committee

Quartermaster:   Jack Mills,   email:

The Property Management Committee shall have custodial responsibility for all physical property of the Chapter to (except color guard equipment) include flags, banners, wreaths, wreath stands, flag stands, and other acquired equipment. They shall be responsible for its safe storage and maintenance. The Chapter Quartermaster is the head of this committee.

Veterans Committee

Chairman:   Bill Collier,   email:

This committee executes activities that serve the Veteran Community including: recognition of CWG Chapter members serving or who have served their country through military service during periods of peace or war; identifying and providing assistance to CWG Chapter members (or their family members) who are deployed; partnering with the Warrior Retreat at Bull Run to respond to requests for assistance with operations or other activities at the facility; and organizing participation of CWG members in the Manassas Veterans Day Parade.

Patriot and Compatriot Grave MarkingCommittee

Chairman:   Keith Rouleau,   email:

This committee is responsible for identifying unmarked Patriot Graves and coordinating a formal Grave Marking ceremony. These ceremonies typically involve members in uniform, a color guard to present and retire colors, a musket salute (if available), playing of taps, and placement of a bronze NSSAR Patriot medallion. If a descendant of the Patriot can be located they are invited to speak about the Patriot and his family. When a Compatriot passes, a NSSAR Member marker may be placed on his grave. The process of placing a Compatriot Grave marker mirrors that of a Patriot but is typically less formal.

SAR/DAR/CAR Coordination Committee

Chairman:   Ross Schwalm,   email:

Communications Committee

Coorinator:   Keith Rouleau,   email:

The Communication Committee includes the activities of the newsletter editor, Chapter Facebook editor/developer, Chapter webmaster, development and maintenance of a Chapter brochure, production of meeting programs, and public affairs.

CWG Chapter tri-fold brochure

  John Callaway,   email:

CWG Website, Manager

  Ross N. Schwalm,   email:

CWG Facebook Page, Manager

  Chuck Mills,   email:

CWG Newsletter, Editor

  Chuck Mills,   email:

CWG Chapter Photographs

  Keith Rouleau,   email: